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25 October 2017

The defense continues with its challenges – no trial tomorrow

As was to be feared, the defense continues its program of challenges against judges for alleged bias – this time they wish to challenge two of the judges who declared their last challenge to be meritless. The challenge will be issued in writing this evening.

As the code of criminal procedure does not allow the court to continue with the closing statements while there is an open challenge for alleged bias, the trial day tomorrow has been canceled. The trial will continue on Thursday, 9 November 2017. Continue reading

24 October 2017

Further Delays

The trial day began at 1 pm today as the presiding judge had a doctor’s appointment in the morning. The trial session began with an announcement that the last remaining challenges for alleges bias by the Eminger defense had been rejected in the meantime. The defense reacted surprised and somewhat indignant and made several motions for breaks in the session – these including a motion for the trial to be interrupted “until tomorrow morning” so that accused Eminger could read today’s decisions on the challenges in prison, claiming that he was unable to do so in the court building. The presiding judge finally closed the trial for today around 4 pm.

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