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The NSU Watch Blog (in German and Turkish) is published by the Anti-Fascist Press Archiv and Education Centre apabiz. Its goal is to promote an independent clarification of the facts surrounding the terror cell “National Socialist Underground” (NSU) and its racist murders. The apabiz is part of an international network of projects involved in anti-fascist research and publications and is thus an important archive and publication organ of the anti-fascist movement.


“Keupstraße ist überall” (Keupstraße is everywhere)
is an initiative whose aims are
– to support the people from the Keupstraße who have been injured in the attack and to make a clear statement against racism and exclusion
– to encourage the witnesses in confronting the accused
– to show at the Munich trial that the Nazis and their supporters in society, police and the secret services will not reach their goals of terrorizing and driving out people
– to make very clear that the Nazi attacks are directed against all people who wish for an open society,
– to ensure that state agencies offer the injured people and their families an apology and adequate compensation.


Golden Dawn Watch
In Greece, a trial is about to start against leading members of fascist party Chrysí Avgí (Golden Dawn). Greek antifascists from Golden Dawn Watch report on the trial proceedings.


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