18 July 2018

Wohlleben released from provisional detention

As the court in Munich notified us today and only in reaction to a concrete request, Ralf Wohlleben has been released from detention yesterday. The federal prosecution had not opposed the motion for release brought by the defense, who had stated that Wohlleben had also found work close to his place of residence – which so far is unknown to us. The prosecution noted above all that, from the perspective of the accused, there was a “not entirely fallacious” hope that the last third of his sentence may be suspended.

The statement by the prosecution and the court decision do not refer to an appeal by the prosecution against the rather mild sentence passed against Wohlleben, accordingly it seems that there has been no such appeal.

It is thus to be feared that the mild course taken by the court in the judgment against Wohlleben will be continued in the execution of the sentence.