25 July 2013

On the Özüdogru murder case, on the Frühlingsstraße fire – and on whether Gerlach will testify further

The trial first dealt with the Özüdogru murder case. Two expert witnesses, a weapons expert from the Bavarian Office of Criminal Investigations as well as a pathologist, reported: Özüdogru was shot in the head twice, the second shot being fired from a very close distance when Özüdogru was already lying on the ground. Abdurrahim Özüdogru was dead after a few minutes. In contrast to the first crime, the murder of Enver Simsek, this murder had the outward appearance of a professional execution.

Given that the last trial days had seen the testimony of several witnesses who had interrogated Gerlach during the investigation, the presiding judge asked whether Gerlach planned to make further statements. His defence counsel answered for him. Apparently the defence is seriously considering making further statements, but in any event, this will not happen before the summer break. It thus remains to be seen whether Gerlach will be able to bring himself to stop playing down his role in connection with the NSU.

The afternoon was again devoted to the Frühlingsstraße fire. A couple from the neighborhood confirmed the testimony of yesterday’s witness: they too had seen Zschäpe in the vicinity of the house directly after the explosion; they too had been struck by her calm demeanor. Thus the body of evidence that it was Zschäpe who set the house on fire continues to grow.