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21 January 2014

A Trial Day with Few Highlights

The taking of evidence today was, as expected, largely unproductive. Susan Eminger, wife of accused Eminger and friend of accused Zschäpe, refused to testify – she is herself accused of at least supporting the NSU.

A witness who was present at the internet café of Halit Yozgat in Kassel when Yozgat was murdered – the witness was 16 at the time – described the situation in which the murdered Yozgat had been found. He did not remember many details, but he did remember that there had been another man present at the time, whom he described as “white, tall, rather fat – simply German-looking.” This man was Andreas Temme, an agent of the domestic secret service. Temme had claimed that he had not seen the body of Halit Yozgat and had looked for him inside and outside the café, leaving and re-entering several times. The witness, however, remembered nothing of the sort.

Regarding the Heilbronn killings, one witness stated that he had seen two bicyclists having a loud discussion at a spot very close to the murder scene, a spot from which the entire surroundings could be watched. This spot had only been a very short distance from a parking lot where a mobile home could have parked. Another witness related that he had often seen police cars at the crime scene. The testimony of these two witnesses seems to indicate that the two victims had been picked randomly because that they had simply been at a secluded spot where police cars could often be found.

On the other hand, the testimony of a police officer concerning the commanding officer of Kiesewetter and Arnold might lead one to a different conclusion: This officer had been a member of the Nazi group “Ku Klux Klan”. According to the witness, he had given Kiesewetter and Arnold concrete instructions regarding where they should do their duties. In other hands, there had been a Nazi who not only knew that these two were on duty that day, but who could also have ordered them to the later crime scene.