21 May 2014

On the death of Böhnhardt and Mundlos, and on a provocation by accused Eminger wearing a Nazi shirt

Testimony today was to focus again on the bank robbery and subsequent discovery of Mundlos and Böhnhardt in Eisenach. Called as witnesses were a pathologist who had performed the post-mortems, two police officers who had been first on the scene as well as weapons expert Nennstiel concerning the pistols Bruni and Ceska used by the NSU.
However, the early parts of the trial day focused on a hooded sweat shirt worn by accused Eminger, showing a masked person holding two assault rifles. Victims’ counsel moved that the shirt be confiscated since his wearing a shirt with that motive, in connection with his appearance as an accused in the NSU trial, must be considered a speech act which shows him glamorizing armed attacks. That Eminger presents himself this way in the trial shows that he endorses the NSU murders and still believes in murder as a method in political struggles. The motive comes from an album cover a Finnish black metal band whose song texts consist in no small part of Nazi propaganda.

The federal prosecution did not feel the same way and did not find it necessary to confiscate the shirt. The presiding judge did, however, at least order that photos of the shirt be taken into evidence. Whether Eminger’s appearance also constitutes a criminal act remains to be checked.
The pathologist described the post-mortems he had performed on Mundlos and Böhnhardt. He stated that there had been no smoke in their lungs or evidence that they had breathed in smoke. Such evidence would likely have been present had they still been breathing once the mobile home had gone up in flames.

The two police officers stated that they had approached the mobile home when they had heard two cracks in short order followed by a third one a few seconds later. They had then seen a darting flame in the inside of the mobile home. Both were adamant that no third person had left the mobile home. This is very likely true as there is absolutely no indication that a third person had been present. On the other hand, it also became obvious that both police officers had been subject to intense witness preparation in their questioning by federal police.
Weapons expert Nennstiel again confirmed that it had been discovered already before the uncovering of the NSU that the same silenced Ceska pistol had been used in the string of NSU murders.