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19 November 2014

More from “lead comrade” Dalek.

The questioning of former secret service informer Kai Dalek was continued today. Victims’ counsel were the first to ask questions. Presiding judge Götzl, visibly tense, interrupted time and again, objecting to certain questions.

The Bavarian Ministry of the Interior, which had at first given Dalek only restricted permission to testify, now even allowed him to give the (assumed) names of his contact officers.
The former informer again gave very circuitous answers, but also seemed more ready than earlier to give concrete details. He stated that he had taken part in the “Wednesday meetings” of the “Thuringia Home Guard” (THS) over a period of more than two years and that he had each time reported to the Bavarian secret service, first orally on the day after the meeting, then in writing. This statement is important because these reports – which have not yet been provided to the court – would have enabled the secret service to check the reports of the “only” source for Thuringia, Tino Brandt, already at the time.

Dalek was shown a well-known film report by TV magazine “Spiegel TV” concerning a 1992 paramilitary exercise in Erfurt, where THS members trained for urban combat, followed by a disgusting diatribe by another informer, Thomas Dienel. Dalek admitted to having been present, but tried to downplay his co-informer’s incitement to violence by claiming that Dienel had been drunk. Asked by the presiding judge what evidence led him to that assumption, he could not state any – the film did not show any signs of inebriation on Dienel’s part.
In contrast to his statement to the police that Brandt had built up an armed wing of the THS, Dalek again claimed today that he had never seen a weapon in all of his time dealing with the THS. He also stated, however, that he had always warned that Brandt was pushing a dangerous radicalization of the people surrounding him.

Dalek’s testimony showed once more that the secret service was quite involved in building up the Nazi scene – he stated that he had only begun his Nazi activities in 1987 on the behest of the Bavarian secret service and that it was also on the behest of the service that he contacted Brandt and the THS. Dalek refused to state whether it was also on the behest of the secret service that he had built up the “Thule net”, a network of BBS mailboxes, claiming that his permission to testify did not cover that question. He did, however, stated that Brandt and maybe other THS members had been able to communicate via the Thule net, including encrypted communication. He also stated that Mundlos and other THS members could have gained access via other Thule net providers, e.g. via Erlangen.

Dalek also refused to state whether he had provided the service with a way to identify the users logged in to the Thule net and to monitor and copy any data traffic. He also refused to answer the question whether he had already worked for the state in Berlin, where he had lived before moving to Bavaria.

It has become clear that all documents of the Bavarian secret service pertaining to Dalek will have to be provided to the court in order to answer the question raised by his testimony, including the question whether Brandt in fact radicalized parts of the THS to the point where they later turned into the THS and whether the NSU could use the Thule net administrated by informer Dalek to communicate while underground.