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17 December 2014

On what was likely the NSU’s first attack in Nuremberg – and on the theoretical foundation for its crimes

Today the court heard a detective of the Bavarian criminal police concerning a bombing attack in Nuremberg in June of 1999. The proprietor of a pub in Nuremberg, a man with Turkish roots, had found a flashlight in the men’s room. Upon testing it out, it had exploded in his hands. Within the flashlight, there was a metal pipe filled with gunpowder; the pipe had been weakened with a saw in order to blow apart when the gunpowder exploded and to lead to severe injuries. That the victim had not been severely injured was likely only due to the fact that the end pieces had been blown off when the bomb exploded.

From the first report on this attack, the police had committed itself to the claim that there was no reason to suspect a political background. The witness today stated that the political police had been asked to help with the investigations, but was unable to report any concrete investigative steps undertaken in that regard. The investigations were carried out under the heading of negligently causing injury – how one goes about negligently putting a pipe bomb into a flashlight and negligently leaving it in a restaurant was not discussed in detail today. It was only the statement of accused Carsten Schultze in the courtroom in Munich which led to this crime being linked to the NSU. This of course also strengthens the other statements, incriminating to the other accused, made by Schultze on issues such as the support provided to the NSU, the provisions of guns to the organizations, political discussions concerning violence within the “Thuringia Homeguard” (“THS”), etc.

The court then read out several publications found in the garage in Jena which had been used to build the first bombs. Most important of those was the magazine “Sonnenbanner” (“Sun banner”), issued by informer and THS contact person Michael See. The magazine contains an article with instructions regarding organizing in cells, acting from underground, etc. and showing an elitist view of such activities which is particularly interesting, particularly as it was most likely read and discussed by the THS group in Jena, comprised inter alia of Beate Zschäpe, Ralph Wohlleben, Holger Gerlach and Carsten Schultze.

The article itself refers to a book with instructions for underground fighters by a certain “Major von Dach”, of which Tino Brandt had been sent several issued. The issue of cell structures is also dealt with in several other publications found in the garage. The methodology of “the Three” as seen in the evidence presented in court exactly conforms to that given in the article, especially as concerns Beate Zschäpe and her attempts to present a “normal” front in public and avoid all openly political statements and activities. What is not yet clear is when the magazine was made and therefore how long it was discussed in the group in Jena. Publisher Michael See would be able to answer the first question at least, victims’ counsel have already moved that he be called as a witness.

The court also read out the first issue of Nazi magazine “Der weiße Wolf” (The White Wolf) and other documents. “Der weiße Wolf” is of particular interest because its publishers had contacts to the scene in Jena, were later sent a “donation” from the NSU and published a thank you note and the statement “It has borne fruit”. Parties also viewed a drawing of a skeleton wearing a Wehrmacht uniform, which was later used in the “Pogromly” board game, and other drawings.
Finally, the court issued several decisions denying motions for evidence brought by victims’ counsel. We will consider these decisions in more detail in the next few days. It seems that the court issued these decisions in order to show that it will not allow an alleged “broadening of the evidence-taking by victims’ counsel” as claimed by federal prosecution, defense and certain members of the press.

The trial day tomorrow has been canceled as the police officer who was to testify is still sick.