12 January 2015

First evidence concerning the bombing attack in the Keupstraße in Cologne

Today the court heard the first witnesses concerning the NSU’s nail bomb
attack in the Keupstraße in Cologne. The first two witnesses, two arson
and explosives detectives, vividly described the extreme danger
emanating from the bomb, which contained more than 5 kilograms of black
powder and more than 700 large nails and which led to burst windows up
to 150 meters from the site of the explosion. The bomb was triggered
remotely with components used in building model airplanes.

That the NSU murderers did not succeed in their plan to kill people with
this bomb was a very lucky coincidence. The injuries – including life
threatening injuries – of several people in the Keupstraße will be
considered in the following weeks; those injured in the attack will
testify in court on 20 January 2015 and the following trial days.