Daily Archives: 13. April 2016

13 April 2016

„There is nothing left up here but air“ – further testimony of a witness from the criminal scene in Jena does not reveal anything relevant

Today the court continued to question a witness from the criminal scene in Jena who had begun his testimony a few weeks ago (see the report of 16 February 2016). This time he brought his counsel with him, a lawyer currently also defending an accused from the Nazi scene in Thuringia.

As last time, his testimony was a mixture of Gangster war stories and failures to remember. Of the latter, some seemed like attempts to evade the court’s questions, but some seemed quite real – when the witness stated that “there is nothing left up here but air”, it was not hard to believe him.

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12 April 2016

Another week, another challenge for alleged bias brought by the Wohlleben defense

For today, the court had summoned only two witnesses, a police officer and a post office teller, both of whom testified on the robbery of a post office in Zwickau in 2001.

However, their testimony only started around 3.30 pm – the Wohlleben defense took up all the time until then by first asking for a lengthy break for deliberations, then for an even longer break in order to write up a challenge for alleged bias and then by reading out the long and convoluted challenge. Their challenge – this time directed against all judges of the court, is based on the allegedly wrong reasoning for denying their motion for a stay of proceedings brought last week (see the report of 5 April 2016). Like all other such challenges, it is without any merit.
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