6 December 2017

Further closing statements by victims’ counsel, inter alia on Andreas Temme

Today the court first heard the closing statements of counsel to the Yozgat family and of Halit Yozgat’s parents, who addressed the court in person.

Counsel Alexander Kienzle dealt in detail with the role of Hessian secret service officer Andreas Temme, who was present in the internet shop when Halit Yozgat was killed, and who claims to have neither heard anything nor noticed Yozgat’s dead body. Kienzle noted that Temme had been tasked with investigating the series of murders then called “kebab killings” a few weeks prior to the murder. He also presented all the ways in which the secret service had tried to block the murder investigation, attempts justified by reference to a need to “safeguard sources”, a need which was paramount and trumped a “mere murder investigation”.  Continue reading

5 December 2017

More closing statements from victims and their counsel.

Today Antonia von der Behrens wrapped up her closing statement. In the first part delivered last week, she had assembled a large number of facts to a mosaic proving her two central theses: the NSU was surrounded by a large network of secret service informers, and the secret service had a large body of information about the group’s members and their whereabouts, but several times failed to pass on this information, causing the police to fail to apprehend them and thus prevent further murders.

Today, Antonia von der Behrens turned to the time after the NSU’s self-uncovering in 2011 and considered not only the secret service, but also the federal prosecution. Continue reading

29 November 2017

State negligence up to the level of collusion.

Today marked the beginning of the concluding statement by counsel Antonia von der Behrens, who represents the youngest son of Mehmet Kubaşık. Elif and Gamze Kubaşık had come to Munich once more to hear her statement.

Antonia von der Behrens first dealt with the extent of the knowledge the various domestic secret service agencies had about Mundlos, Böhnhardt, Zschäpe and the NSU from the early 1990s up to November of 2011, and with the size of the network surrounding the NSU from whom they could derive such knowledge.

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28 November 2017

First closing statements on the Keupstraße attack: “’Operation kebap skewer’ and ‘kebap killings’ go hand in hand, not only in words!”

Today’s closing statements concerned the nail bomb attack on the Keupstraße in Cologne and the police investigation of that attack, referred to as the “bomb after the bomb” by Keupstraße victims.

Counsel Stephan Kuhn began by detailing the murderous effects of the bomb, turning then to the investigations, which from the very beginning were directed against the bombing victims in the Keupstraße. He also detailed that this orientation of the investigations was counter not only to the many explicit statements by victims that the attack must have been committed by Nazis or other xenophobes, but also against all known evidence and the results of a profiler’s findings. Continue reading

23 November 2017

Further closing statements by victims’ counsel: on the NSU’s political context.

Victim’s counsel Dr. Peer Stolle, in his closing statement held today, argued against the tendency of those involved in the NSU trial to uncouple and divorce it from its context, the historical developments during the time in which the organization arose and grew, and the Nazi scene in Thuringia and Germany. He announced:

„I will first call to mind the situation of the broader society in the early 1990s, will then briefly consider cornerstones of the biographies of the deceased Mundlos and Böhnhardt and the accused, will trace the development of the extreme rightwing scene in Thuringia, its ideology and its concepts of action and will thus show that the NSU was not a murderous project of a few individuals who were cut off from the scene, but rather the logical product of the concepts discussed within that scene.”  Continue reading

22 November 2017

Further closing statements by victims’ counsel. Gamze Kubaşik adresses Zschäpe

The defense motion for the replacement of prosecutor Weingarten was dismissed – nothing else had been expected. The closing statements of the Kubaşik family and their counsel could thus continue.

Counsel Carsten Ilius began by detailing why it is so unbelievable and unjustifiable that the police did not investigate the possible involvement of the Nazi scene in Dortmund – after all, Dortmund had a large, well-connected and extremely militant Nazi scene surrounding “Blood & Honour” and “Combat 18”, and there were several indicators that persons from that scene had been involved in the preparation of the murder. Motions for evidence by victims’ counsel on these issues have all been rejected.

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21 November 2017

Further sabotage by the defense – but also impressive and moving closing statements.

Today Mehmet Daimagüler concluded his closing statement on behalf of the next of kin of Abdurrahim Özudoğru and Ismail Yaşar. He was followed by Elif Kubaşık, widow of Mehmet Kubaşık, and her counsel Carsten Ilius. Their closing statements marked the beginning of a “block” of interconnected closing statements (which our own closing statements will also form part of).

The defense tried once more to interrupt the closing statements – largely based on the same unconvincing arguments which the court had already rejected last week. They were unsuccessful. It has become apparent that the defense is attempting to sabotage the closing statements of victims and their counsel and to draw attention away from their important and moving content. In order to combat such attempts, we will not deal further with them and instead focus on the closing statements.  Continue reading

16 November 2017

„You will not silence these voices” – meritless objections by the Zschäpe defense remain unsuccessful.

Zschäpe defense counsel Sturm, Stahl and Heer today continued their sabotage tactics begun yesterday, once more without any success. Their relentless interruptions did lead to a delay of several hours before Dr. Mehmet Daimagüler, counsel for the families of murder victims Ismail Yaşar and Abdurrahim Özüdoğru, could continue his closing statement. Daimagüler was, however, able to finish his statement, largely without further interruptions, in the early afternoon.

Sturm, Stahl and Heer claimed that the closing statement consisted of a “political address, which may in parts be justified, but not in this courtroom”. Continue reading

15 November 2017

Victims’ counsel closing statements begin – and are immediately interrupted by meritless defense objections.

Most observers had thought it likely that the defense would continue with its stalling tactics today. At first, it seemed like such fears would come true as the Zschäpe defense counsel once more logged a motion for reconsideration concerning the information on legal characterizations provided by the court last week, claiming it to be insufficient. Many were surprised that, after this motion was denied, victims and their counsel could actually begin with their closing statements, the first of which was held by Edith Lunnebach, counsel for the victims of the Probsteigasse bombing.

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13 November 2017 – Minutes

Verbatim records (in German) of the prosecution closing statements now complete.

This blog contains records of the prosecution closing statements. These records – not always verbatim, but as close to verbatim records as was possible – have been complied by us together with several other victims’ counsel, many thanks to all those who participated. Of course, we cannot guarantee that these records are 100 % correct or complete. We do believe, however, that they do not contain any errors distorting their content. To the extent possible, we have marked unclear passages, omissions and the like. We have abbreviated certain names where we felt that the names of certain witnesses were not of relevance for an understanding of the closing statement as a whole.

These minutes will not be translated into English – the following links go to the original German versions of the records:

First day – 25 July 2017

Second Day – 26 July 2017

Third Day – 27 July 2017

Fourth Day – 31 July 2017

Fifth Day – 1 August 2017

Sixth Day – 31 August 2017

Seventh Day – 1 September 2017

Eighth Day – 12 September 2017