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6 September 2013

Witness identifies Böhnhardt and Mundlos as murderers of  İsmail Yaşar

Today’s trial saw a remarkable testimony by a bakery shop assistant who had apparently passed by Ismail Yasar’s kebap shop directly after his murder and who had seen two bicyclists there. One of the two was just putting into the other’s backpack an object about 20 cm in length and wrapped in a plastic bag – this may very well have been the murder weapon. The witness had wondered why the owner of the kebap shop was nowhere to be seen.

She had stated all this already in her first statement to the police and had also pointed out that the two bicyclists had certainly not been of Southern European origin. Nonetheless, when the police had shown her pictures of potential suspects, many of these had shown men of Turkish origin.

The witness had also found a striking similarity between the two perpetrators of the bombing attack in the Keupstraße in Cologne, who had been captured on video, and the bicyclists in Nuremberg. After the NSU was uncovered, she also found that Böhnhardt und Mundlos looked very similar to the bicyclists she had seen in front of Ismail Yasar’s kebap shop.

The other witness statements today did not yield much.

The trial will continue on 17 to 19 September.