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24 September 2013

On the Frühlingsstraße fire and on the Boulgarides murder case

Today, more photos of the fire in the Frühlingsstraße in Zwickau were shown in court and explained by the arson investigator of the Zwickau police. A total of 11 weapons – 10 handguns and a machine pistol – had been found in the remains of the house, along with 2.5 kilograms of an explosive, most likely gun powder, and some DVDs labeled “NSU”. Presumably these were meant to be sent out along as well.

Marks of spilled gasoline were found not only in the flat, but also in the entry of the house itself. In one of the staircases, the fire was just about to spread to the upper floor.

Investigators also found a number of tea candles standing on the ground with the wicks turned upright. Presumably Zschäpe had spilled the gasoline in the flat and the staircase and had left the tea candles as “detonators” in order to effect an explosion.

As the lead investigator in the Boulgarides case has fallen ill, the witness testimonies of crime scene witnesses in that case were rather inconsequential. Of some interest, however, was the testimony of the murder victim’s former business partner, who described being repeatedly questioned by the police over a period of months, a treatment he described as harassment.