15 January 2014

Conclusion of the taking of evidence on the Frühlingstraße fire

Today, the final expert witness was heard on the fire in the Frühlingsstraße 26 apartment. In the end, both experts agreed and confirmed what other evidence had already shown: the explosion and fire resulted from considerable amounts of gasoline being poured out and set on fire, there was considerable danger to all people in the building and surrounding it.

This largely concluded the evidence concerning the Frühlingsstraße fire. Victim’s counsel Eberhard Reinicke made a statement summarizing the evidence and concluding that the relevant charge against Beate Zschäpe – three counts of attempted murder – has been confirmed.

Victim’s counsel Alexander Hoffmann gave a short reply to the prosecution’s statement concerning last week’s motion for witness testimony (for more details, see the report of 14 January 2014). He noted again that the actions the witness related would constitute the crimes of giving aid to a terrorist organization and at least an attempt to aid and abet the NSU’s crimes after February of 2004, showing that it was necessary to hear the witness.