18 March 2014

Today’s trial did not bring much news beyond two motions for evidence by victims‘ counsel. The only witness for today, Enrico Theile, was sent home again and asked to appear again at a later time, accompanied by counsel. The court had followed Bavarian custom and refused Theile’s motion that counsel be assigned to him, as it had earlier done with other witnesses who are under suspicion. Rather than leading to Theile testifying, as the court may have hoped, this tactic led to further delays. Theile is suspected of having been part of the chain of custody of the silenced Ceska 83 pistol from its origins in Switzerland to the proprietors of Nazi store “Madley” in Jena. One interesting tidbit is that one of the two proprietors had given him the name of a lawyer – the same lawyer who will now accompany him in court. It seems that the Nazi scene is preparing for the trial in its own way.

Victims‘ counsel moved, first of all, that former secret service informer „Tariff“, Michael von Dolsperg née See, be heard as a witness. Von Dolsperg, who currently lives in Sweden, had recently stated in an interview with weekly “Der Spiegel” that André Kapke had asked him, shortly after “the Three” had gone underground in 1998, whether he could provide an apartment for them. He had discussed this with his secret service contact officer and had declined – the secret service had felt the danger of his being uncovered as an informer to be more important than a chance to arrest the three who had gone underground. In his time as “Tariff”, von Dolsperg had inter alia published a monthly magazine in which he called upon Nazis to form “cells” and to prepare for life underground.

The second motion aims at witness testimony of Thomas Gerlach, a member of the “Thuringia Home Guard” and former boyfriend of Beate Zschäpe. Gerlach is a multiple functionary of the militant Nazi scene and as such has often worked together with accused Wohlleben and Eminger during the last fifteen years. One of his projects is the buildup of leaderless cells. He knows practically all known supporters of the NSU. It seems that Gerlach has already been questioned by the police, but the minutes of that interview are not part of the case file known to the court and the parties.