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11 May 2015

On the NSU’s robberies

This week, the court will deal primarily with some of the 15 robberies committed by the NSU.
The first witnesses today testified on the first of these crimes, a robbery on 18 December 1998 in a supermarket in Chemnitz. The perpetrators robbed the main cashier of the day’s earnings and fled on foot. A young customer followed them on foot, but stopped when they fired at him three times. The spent cartridges showed the same markings as ammunition found in 2011 in the NSU apartment in the Frühlingsstraße in Zwickau – the gun, however, was not found. The customer was just recently found again and will probably testify in one of the next weeks.
A witness described the bullet holes in the outer wall of the supermarket, at least one of which was at a height of about 1.60 m, i.e. at the pursuer’s head height. This unscrupulous use of firearms shows that even in the first year after going underground and in the pursuit of a robbery meant “only” to procure money, Böhnhardt and Mundlos were willing to cause the death of human beings.

It also shows that all supporters of “the Three” must have known this: Zschäpe, Mundlos and Böhnhardt were living in Chemnitz, the brutal robbery was the talk of the town, the live-threatening shots were known to all in Chemnitz. It was no secret that Böhnhardt and Mundlos were conducting robberies, the scene talked about their not needing any more gifts of money as they were “doing jobs”, several secret service informers knew about the robbery. At this point in time, all Chemnitz supporters knew that Böhnhardt and Mundlos were willing to kill in pursuance of their goals.

There was only one witness today concerning a later crime, a robbery on a Chemnitz post office on 30 November 2000, namely a police officer who had dealt with evidence found in the NSU apartment in Zwickau. She found several correspondences between several pieces of clothing and a gun used in the robbery. Also, a mobile home was rented over the period of the crime in the name of André Eminger – according to the indictment, this was done by Eminger himself.
Several victims’ counsel moved for evidence to be taken concerning the theoretical and ideological background of “leaderless resistance” as shown inter alia in the “Blood & Honour” magazine. This magazine was found in a sort of newspaper archive in a garage used by the “Kameradschaft Jena”, where police also found several pipe bombs during a search in 1998.