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20 May 2015

Lies and Trivialization, Part 14 – a short appearance by Marcel Degner

The first and only witness today was – once more – Marcel Degner a.k.a. “Giant” (“Riese”), former leader of “Blood and Honour” Thuringia and for some time of three leaders of “B&H” Germany (on his former testimony, see the report of 11 March 2015). He claimed once more that he had never been an informer for the secret service – even after he was confronted with testimony by a secret service agent that he had been an informer (see the report of 22 April 2015) and with the fact that several reports from that time still existed.

After Degner’s brazen lie, victims’ counsel decided not to ask any more questions, but instead moved that the court hear the testimony of another secret service agent who had “led” informer Degner in order to then confront Degner with his testimony. This motion will be laid down in written at the next trial day, the court will decide thereafter.

Degner seemed to be certain to be successful with his lie since the files with the comprehensive reports of informer “Hail” (“Hagel”) – Degner’s alias according to the secret service agent who had already testified – have been shredded. The court only has access to a number of short reports. The first secret service agent was clear in his testimony that Degner had been an informer, but had not provided many details. Accordingly, the court should now question Degner’s former “lead officer” who will be able to provide more details.

It seems that, apart from victims’ counsel, no one is particularly interested in finding out more details about this informer’s activities. Presiding judge Götzl did not even confront Degner with the testimony of the secret service agent. Only after victims’ counsel had done so and had announced that they would move that Degner be summoned again after the testimony of the further witness did Götzl take over the questioning and (once more) confront Degner. At least the court did lay down clearly in the minutes that Degner had denied any involvement with the secret service – the federal prosecution stated that they would ask the local prosecutor to consider perjury proceedings against Degner.

There will be no trial days in the next two weeks, the trial resumes on 9 June 2015.