Daily Archives: 14. July 2015

14 July 2015

Another day, another lying Nazi witness – this one so brazen that even the federal prosecution threatens consequences.

First witness today was a police officer who had done research concerning a passport which Holger Gerlach had applied for in 2011 in order to give it to Uwe Böhnhardt. His research revealed that Gerlach had picked up the passport in person on 16 June 2011. Next week, another officer will report on investigations on what happened next, namely Zschäpe traveling to Hannover herself to pick it up – another clear piece of evidence that she was a full member of the NSU on one level with Böhnhardt and Mundlos.

Up next was an office worker from the service where the trio had rented a caravan for the bank robbery in Eisenach on 4 November 2011. The car had been picked up by Böhnhardt and a woman. The latter was accompanied by a girl who called her “mom” and drove away in a car afterwards – clear signs that this was not Beate Zschäpe. The criminal police showed her several pictures of girls, inter alia the daughters of Ralf Wohlleben, Maik Eminger and Mandy Struck, but Continue reading