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29 July 2015

Secret service officer from Brandenburg: masquerading instead of telling the truth

Today the court continued the questioning of secret service officer Reiner Görlitz from Brandenburg, who had for several years “led” Nazi cadre and informer Carsten Szczepanski (on the first part of his testimony, see the report of 1 July 2015). His testimony became a farce. Görlitz again appeared in a hooded sweater with the hood pulled far into his face and wearing a wig, he also tried to not look at parties in court.

He began early on to refuse to answer questions by claiming that he was not authorized to do so, beginning with a question on another informer, Toni Stadler. He did state that he had once more read several folders of files in preparation for his testimony – quite surprising, then, that everything of substance he had related on 1 July 2015 would easily have fit onto a sheet of paper. Continue reading