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24 September 2015

The difficulty of the plains, part II: DNA evidence supports the network theory

Yesterday and today, the court heard the report of an expert witness working for the federal criminal police who reported on DNA evidence found on items seized in the Frühlingsstraße apartment and the mobile home in which Böhnnhardt and Mundlos had died. The expert witness began by detailing the methods used and problems encountered, particularly where there was DNA material from several persons on one item. As to accused Eminger, there is a further issue since he has a twin brother – if, as claimed by the defence, they are identical twins, they also have identical DNA.

Many of the findings he reported on today have already been dealt with in the trial and reported on in this blog: Zschäpe’s DNA found on parts of the NSU’s newspaper archive, Mundlos‘ and Böhnhardt’s DNA found on several weapons. Continue reading