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30 September 2015

Court rejects further motions for evidence – and thus refuses to thoroughly clear up the facts

The first witnesses today were two police detectives who had questioned a taxi driver who reported that he had driven Beate Zschäpe from the NSU apartment in Zwickau to the train station in June 2011 – this corresponds with an internet search on Zschäpe’s computer for a train ticket to the town where accused Holger Gerlach lived (see the report of 2 September 2015). They both stated that the witness had reported the facts as laid down in their report – he had driven Zschäpe to the airport in the morning of 16 June 2011, furthermore he had also had Uwe Böhnhardt as a passenger a few weeks earlier. Zschäpe’s defense attorney Stahl attempted to get the witnesses to admit to insufficiencies in their reports, but his attempts were characterized by more excitement than substance. Continue reading

29 September 2015

Court denies several motions for evidence

Today, the court first dealt once more with the nail bomb attack in the Keupstraße in Cologne – one victim who had joined the proceedings had so far not testified in court, her lawyer announced that she was in hospital in Turkey. A son of her friend’s, who had been summoned as witness in hopes that he could make additional statements on her exact whereabouts at the time of the explosion, was also unable due to an acute illness. The court did hear a physician from a Cologne hospital, who only vague remembered having treated a female patient with several cuts, she had gone home later that day and had not appeared for further treatment.
Next up was the medical who reported on the danger to the then 16 year old young man who had been shot at during the robbery at a supermarket in Chemnitz in December 1998. The caliber used – 6.35mm Browning – was a rather small pistol caliber, the expert witness related, but in case of hits to the head, neck, torso or other areas of the body, fatal injuries were quite likely. Continue reading