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25 November 2015

On Holger Gerlach’s ideology

Today the court again dealt with a rather slim program:

Based on a motion by victims’ counsel of 28 October 2015, the court heard testimony from two police detectives concerning the contents of a cellphone and a computer found in Gerlach’s home during a search in 2011.

The cellphone contained an invitation from another Nazi visit a “Hammerskin” concert together, a racist SMS sent from Gerlach (“Only shit is brown, and so are Niggers”), as well as several Nazi-pictures and songs, including songs from “Stahlgewitter” and from “Gigi and the Brown Musicians”, who had also published the song “Döner killer” glorifying the NSU. Among the contacts saved was the number of Nazi cadre Thorsten Heise. The computer contained pictures of the “press festival” of the “Deutsche Stimme” (“German voice”), the newspaper affiliated with the Nazi party NPD, as well as music from several neo-Nazi bands. Continue reading