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26 November 2015

On the ideology and network structure of „Blood & Honour“

The only witness called for today, a “comrade” of the accused in their times in Jena, did not appear – he had called the court and claimed to have suffered car troubles.
The court thus only read out several pages from the 1996 edition of the fanzine “Blood & Honour”, following a motion by victims’ counsel of 11 May 2015. The ‘zine contained articles propagating an armed struggle in the context of “leaderless resistance”, as well as song texts calling for the killing of immigrants, including by “shooting them in the head”. Reports from concerts show the close network between B&H Germany and the NSU-supporters of B&H Saxony. The contact address given is that of B&H Denmark, whose member Marcel Schilf inter alia marketed the “Kriegsberichter” videos.