21 January 2016

More meritless challenges for alleged bias by the Wohlleben defense – and more vacuous and unbelievable statements by accused Zschäpe

Today the court had planned to hear the testimony of two federal police detectives and, above all, the answers of the Zschäpe defense to questions by the court.

However, parties had to wait quite a long time for the latter: The Wohlleben defense asked for a number of longer interruptions and finally brought a challenge for alleged bias against presiding judge Götzl – he had had words with defense counsel Nahrath earlier, which had ended with Nahrath, in a snit, stating that he would simply not say anything after all. The defense then brought another challenge against one of the other judges – this challenge, which is just as meritless as the first, is based on a claim that she had made faces when the first challenge was read out.

The court continued the trial for today, but sent home the two witnesses and also announced that questions by the court and the other parties to Zschäpe would be pushed to next week. Today, the court only wanted to hear the answers of the Zschäpe defense to the courts’ questions.

In these answers, as in her original statement, Zschäpe tries to present herself as a victim of her situation and of the two Uwes, someone who had nothing at all to do with the murders and bombing attacks. This already began in her first answer, to the question of how much alcohol she had consumed, in which she claimed that she had drunk almost daily in order to bear her situation. As to the other questions, she answered them in a similar way, claiming that all the crimes had been committed by Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Böhnhardt alone, that she had nothing to do with them, that she had tried to get them to stop, that she had felt dependant on the two men.

Zschäpe also made statements on the NSU’s supporters – but named only those whose support has already been proven. The list she named did not even include Ralf Wohlleben, who has already admitted to having supported Böhnhardt, Mundlos and Zschäpe. Above all, Zschäpe is evidently trying to protect Susann Eminger, claiming that the clothes of Susann Eminger’s she wore during her arrest had been given to her not by Susann, but by André Eminger.