8 June 2016

Once more on the early statements of Carsten Schultze

Today the court once more dealt with the early statements of Carsten Schultze after the NSU had uncovered itself in 2011.

First expert witness Prof. Leygraf reported once more – he was tasked with psychiatric investigations on which the court will base its decisions whether Schultze – aged 19 or 20 at the time of the acts he is charged with – will be tried as a juvenile under German criminal law. Leygraf reported on the statements Schultze had made vis-à-vis him. His impression of Schultze’s reports on his own activities in the Nazi scene is quite similar to that of many among victims’ counsel: according to Leygraf, Schultze had focused on that time as a time of experiences, leaving out the political content: “he represented that time more as a time of boy scout romanticism.”

Leygraf had been recalled based on a motion by the Wohlleben defense, who today questioned him extensively – once more, nothing arose which could raise any doubts concerning Schultze’s statements on the provision of the Ceska pistol. Defense counsel Klemke again tried to defend the Nazi scene as such, questioning the expert’s statement that it was full of xenophobic statements, or wondering why Leygraf characterized the rock band “Radikahl”, whom Schultze listened to back then, as “radical right”. Their best known song contains the refrain “Hang the Nobel Prize around Adolf Hitler’s neck, raise the red flag with the Swastika”…

The court then heard another federal criminal police detective who had interviewed Schultze. Again his statements – and the lengthy re-reading of the minutes of the interview – did not lead to anything surprising.

The trial day next Tuesday has been canceled as the witness the court was planning to question is unable to attend on that day.