30 June 2016

More on Carsten Schultze’s statements

Today the court continued the questioning of a police officer who had already testified on 8 June 2016. This officer had been present at all interviews of accused Carsten Schultze. The Wohlleben defense tried for quite some time to get the witness to say something about Schultze’s testimony having been contradictory or in some other way implausible. These attempts were unsuccessful.

Quite to the contrary, Schultze himself, who today asked the witness some questions in court, was able to clear up one seeming contradiction: in the minutes of one interview, he is recorded as having said that he did not clearly remember having been given the money for the weapon from Wohlleben. The defense had seen this as a statement that Schultze might have received the money from someone other than Wohlleben. When asked by Schultze today, the officer stated that he had asked Schultze about details such as the denominations of the money and that Schultze had answered that since he did not have a very concrete recollection of being given the money by Wohlleben, he of course did not remember such details.

Schultze stated that his also jibed with his memory, that he had never called into question having been given the money by Wohlleben, but simply had not remembered some of the details.

After the obligatory lunch break, the court read out some documents before ending the trial day at 1:35 pm.