29 November 2016

Another very short trial day

The trial today lasted all of one hour. The only witness was federal criminal police detective Pflug, who had already testified on her investigations a number of previous times and whose testimony today did not take up much time: she had looked at a music file found on Wohlleben’s computer containing a song by the band “Böhse Onkelz”. And as she had “kept close to the court’s instructions”, she could only report that this file was part of a bootleg and contained the song “Turks out!” in very bad sound quality. In order to confirm this, the song was played out in the courtroom.

Strangely, the detective had not conducted any further investigations concerning the song, did not even know its lyrics – despite the fact that the federal criminal police had already laid down in a 2007 memorandum that “the conclusion to be drawn from the lyrics is that the slogan implies a call to all Germans to kick out of the country those Turks who do not leave on their own: ‘…out of our country’. Accordingly, there is a suspicion of a violation of Sect. 130 of the Criminal Code [concerning Incitement to Hatred].” So much for claims that accused Wohlleben is and was not a xenophobe.

After her testimony, the federal prosecution moved that the Wohlleben defense’s second motion of Nazi propaganda concerning Hitler’s deputy Rudolf Hess be denied, and then the trial day was over almost before it had begun.