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10 January 2017

Oral expert opinion further delayed. And: Zschäpe reacts to the written expert opinion

On today’s first trial day after the Christmas break, the court had planned, after the rather short testimony of a police officer, to hear the oral expert opinion of psychiatrist Prof. Saß. However, the Zschäpe defense continued its fight against his opinion, on different levels: assigned counsel Stahl, Sturm and Heer brought voluminous motions asking the court to produce audio recordings of the opinion and to guide the expert extensively as to methods and to the facts used as basis for his opinion. Counsel Borchert and Grasel meanwhile read out another statement of Zschäpe’s, apparently attempting to counter some aspects contained in Saß’ preliminary written opinion. Continue reading

25.01.2017 Press release

Wohlleben defense once more conducts Nazi propaganda in the NSU trial in Munich – racist motion by counsel Klemke concerning a „danger of the death of the Volk“

Olaf Klemke, defense counsel of accused Ralf Wohlleben in the NSU trial in Munich, today brought a motion which aims to “prove” the neo-Nazi claim of a danger of the “death of the Volk”. The motion, co-signed by co-counsel Nicole Schneiders and Wolfram Nahrath, claims that anybody could “speak of the ‘danger of the death of the Volk’” since inter alia the “mass immigration of non-Germans” leads to “the German Volk in its current identity becoming a minority vis-à-vis non-Germans” – the motion continues: “if these developments continue and are not stopped.”

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