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11 January 2017

Another failed attempt by the Wohlleben defense. And: Oral expert opinion by Prof. Saß delayed once more.

Today the court once again heard expert witness Prof. Leygraf, who had submitted an opinion on accused Carsten Schultze. Leygraf’s previous opinion had concerned the question whether Schultze, who was 19-20 years old at the time of his crimes, should be tried as a minor or as an adult. Today, the court had questions on another issue: the Wohlleben defense, trying to call into question Schultze’s statements which massively incriminate Wohlleben, had claimed that Schultze suffered from various mental illnesses. As Leygraf had conducted an in-depth exploration of Schultze, he was questioned concerning those issues. Leygraf saw no indication at all that Schultze was suffering from a mental illness and did not waver in the face of somewhat inept questions by the Wohlleben defense.  Continue reading

10 January 2017

Oral expert opinion further delayed. And: Zschäpe reacts to the written expert opinion

On today’s first trial day after the Christmas break, the court had planned, after the rather short testimony of a police officer, to hear the oral expert opinion of psychiatrist Prof. Saß. However, the Zschäpe defense continued its fight against his opinion, on different levels: assigned counsel Stahl, Sturm and Heer brought voluminous motions asking the court to produce audio recordings of the opinion and to guide the expert extensively as to methods and to the facts used as basis for his opinion. Counsel Borchert and Grasel meanwhile read out another statement of Zschäpe’s, apparently attempting to counter some aspects contained in Saß’ preliminary written opinion. Continue reading