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29 June 2017

Another motion for evidence rejected, another challenge for alleged bias brought

The assigned counsel of accused Zschäpe announced today that they did not have any questions for expert witness Prof. Saß. Thus Saß’ expert testimony could finally be concluded, after a period of roughly six months during which he had time and again appeared in the courtroom to give his expert opinion and to answer questions. The defense announced that they would make further comments on their motion for an additional expert witness. They have been given until next week to do so.

The Wohlleben defense again tried its hand at conspiracy theory motions, asking for evidence concerning alleged gunshot residues on gloves found in the house of secret service officer Andreas Temme which allegedly conformed to the ammunition used in the commission of the murders. Of course, the defense neglected to mention that other evidence conclusively proves that Temme could not have been the shooter. Their motion will be rejected, like many before it. Continue reading