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13 November 2017 – Minutes

Verbatim records (in German) of the prosecution closing statements now complete.

This blog contains records of the prosecution closing statements. These records – not always verbatim, but as close to verbatim records as was possible – have been complied by us together with several other victims’ counsel, many thanks to all those who participated. Of course, we cannot guarantee that these records are 100 % correct or complete. We do believe, however, that they do not contain any errors distorting their content. To the extent possible, we have marked unclear passages, omissions and the like. We have abbreviated certain names where we felt that the names of certain witnesses were not of relevance for an understanding of the closing statement as a whole.

These minutes will not be translated into English – the following links go to the original German versions of the records:

First day – 25 July 2017

Second Day – 26 July 2017

Third Day – 27 July 2017

Fourth Day – 31 July 2017

Fifth Day – 1 August 2017

Sixth Day – 31 August 2017

Seventh Day – 1 September 2017

Eighth Day – 12 September 2017