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28 November 2013

Continued testimony of Zschäpe’s cousin

The testimony of Zschäpe’s cousin Stefan A. continued today. A. was shown a picture of the cross-burning which shows several persons giving the “Kühnen salute”, a variant of the “Nazi salute”. He recognized, among others, accused Wohlleben and Gerlach, André Kapke and Uwe Böhnhardt.

The witness had claimed to have left his rightist ideology behind, a claim which was proved untrue by victim’s counsel Yavuz Narin. Narin showed pictures from A.’s facebook page with slogans such as “Money for Grandma, not for Sinti and Roma” – the same slogan was used by the neo-fascist NPD in the last election.

Zschäpe defence attorneys Heer and Sturm asked a series of questions concerning A.‘s testimony before German federal police as well as two TV interviews. However, the intention behind their line of questioning remained unclear, and accordingly they did not yield and results.

The court also issued a decision on a motion by victims’ counsel that the case file against domestic secret service officer Andreas Temme be made part of the present file. With the exception of a few documents, the motion was denied. Temme, along with one of the informers led by him, will testify next week.