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14 November 2013

On Zschäpe‘s position in the NSU

Victim’s counsel Hoffmann and Pinar today requested that a forensic linguist be called to compare a propaganda letter written by the NSU and sent, together with sums of money, to various Nazi groups with a letter by Uwe Mundlos and a letter written by Beate Zschäpe to neo-Nazi Robin Schmiemann. The expert opinion could point to Zschäpe being co-author of the so-called NSU manifest – which would allow convicting her as a co-perpetrator of the NSU murders.

Several former neighbors of Zschäpe, Mundlos and Böhnhardt from the Polenzstraße in Zwickau also testified. What was appalling about their testimony was that they all showed clear sympathy for Zschäpe, about whom they could not – or would not – „say anything bad“. It appears that the knowledge of Zschäpe’s involvement in the NSU murders has not reached these people – or has not touched them sufficiently to change their view of their former neighbor.