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3 April 2014

The resigned mother

The testimony of Uwe Mundlos‘ mother was almost exactly the opposite of his father’s: wearily, almost resigned, she described how her son Uwe had slipped from her control as she was entirely occupied with caring for his disabled brother. As to the “flight jacket” he had worn, she had bought it for him since it was so modern and low-maintenance, as to the Nazi brown shirt, she had prohibited him from wearing it. But he still ran around with his Nazi friends and there was no way for her to influence his development. She noticed that he wrote letters to a “comrade” in prison – presumably Thomas Starke, later to become a supporter of “the Three” in Chemnitz and a police informer –, she noticed that he was barred from the concentration camp memorial site in Buchenwald after a Nazi action there – but all this went by her, her influence was marginal at best.

Her son told her that the police had uncovered a garage, that his lawyer had told him to prepare for 7 years‘ imprisonment even though had nothing to do with the weapons and only “paper stuff” of his had been found in the garage. He would have to stay away for ten years and would come back after that time had passed. Thus Mundlos said goodbye to his mother, who never saw him again.

The witness stated that André Kapke had accompanied her son during that last visit. She had also spoken to Juliane Walther twice in that context. Walther has so far denied that these conversations had taken place – she will have to explain herself to the court.