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29 April 2014

Going underground with „Blood and Honour“, Part III

Today saw the continued testimony of a police officer who had questioned „Blood & Honour“ activist Thomas Starke (see the report of 2 April 2014). By the end of today, three of six statements of Starke’s have been introduced into evidence in this way.

In his statements considered today, Starke had inter alia talked about his network of contacts in the Nazi scene. As reported, he had provided Uwe Mundlos with TNT – when Mundlos complained that he was unable to detonate it, Starke connected him with his provider, “B&H” member Jörg Winter. Winter, who had experimented with explosives, related that one needed a detonator of a type he was unable to procure.

Starke had also talked about his contacts with accused André Eminger and his brother Maik, both founding and leading members of the “White Brotherhood Erzgebirge”.
During his third police interview, the police had discussed with Starke several photos found during the search of his apartment – inter alia, these show with “B&H” cadres at meetings of “B&H Germany” or visiting “comrades” in the United States. But these photos also show him, from 1993/1994 on, in frequent contact with the Jena group of Zschäpe, Böhnhardt and Mundlos.

At the end of the trial day, victims’ counsel brought a motion that a recently found CD entitled “NSU NSDAP” be made part of the case file – according to press reports this CD had been produced already in 2006. One potential author of the CD is Thomas Richter, a Nazi cadre since the 1990s, active in the “National Front” until its prohibition in 1992, at the same time an informer of the federal domestic secret service for almost two decades under the name of “Corelli”. Richter was found dead a few weeks ago – according to press reports, he was found by members of a state agency who wished to ask him questions concerning the CD. The federal prosecution announced that it would undertake further investigations regarding the possibility of a connection between the CD and the trial in Munich.