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15 April 2014

More on secret service agent Andreas Temme, and on the first attempts of „the Three“ to build pipe bombs

The first witness today was a bomb expert of the Thuringia criminal police who had disarmed and examined the pipe bombs found in January 1998 – their being found was the occasion of Zschäpe, Mundlos and Böhnhardt going underground. The witness related that the bomb builders had invested a lot of effort, had built in metal parts in one bomb to increase the potential for injury. They had used gunpowder as well as TNT – the latter having been procured from “Blood and Honour” Chemnitz according to other witnesses. The bombs were not ignitable – apparently at that point in time “the Three” did not yet have sufficient knowledge of explosives. However, it also became clear that – in contrast to earlier propaganda actions of the Nazi scene – these were no mock bombs, but the attempt to build ignitable bombs.

It thus became apparent again that “the Three” had already in 1998 contemplated bombing attacks, including the use of nail bombs – after first bombing attacks in Nuremberg and Cologne, they would later use such a nail bomb in the Keupstraße in Cologne in 2004. What also became clear was that the police did not invest much effort into the investigation in 1998 – the report of the witnesses on the bombs dates from August 1998, almost seven months after they had been found, and at first he did not even bother to measure the amount of TNT used.

The next witness was – once again – domestic secret service agent Andreas Temme. Before he was recalled as a witness once again, victims’ counsel for the Yozgat family brought several motions. Temme had told a colleague in the morning of 10 April 2006 that Halit Yozgat had been killed with a Ceska 83 pistol and that his murder was thus likely part of the series of murders. Counsel for the Yozgat family now named several witnesses and documents to show that Temme could not have known this fact at that time from the press or from talking to the police.

Temme was then questioned further, inter alia about items found in his apartment. Among these were historical SS documents – Temme stated that he had transcribed those from library books in his youth. He was also asked about contradictory statement in his interviews with the police, but could not – or would not – clear those up.

At the end of his testimony, Temme was questioned directly by Ismail Yozgat, father of Halit Yozgat. Mr. Yozgat made a final desperate attempt to get Temme to give up his blockade, to show that it was simply impossible for Temme not to have seen Halit Yozgat in the internet café. Temme showed himself unimpressed and insisted on his claims of not having seen anything. It was obvious that he was certain of being supported in this stance by the secret service.