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2 July 2014

„Can’t recall“ – continued questioning of Enrico Theile

Today, the court continued hearing police officers who had questions Blood and Honour activist and informer Thomas Starke of Chemnitz, who himself refuses to testify in court. The detective testifying today had questioned Starke on 11 April 2011. Again it became clear that “the Three” had considerable support from “Blood and Honour” and that, during their contact with Starke, they always presented themselves as a close-knit unit.
The court then continued the questioning of Enrico Theile, who is suspected of having been involved in the provision of the Ceska pistol from Switzerland to Thuringia. Theile was and still is a close friend of Swiss Hans Peter Müller, who had testified the week before in Switzerland. Theile was apparently a part of the criminal milieu in Thuringia and twice found guilty of weapons offences. He had already been questioned by the presiding judge Götzl. Today, neither Götzl nor the federal prosecution showed much interest in his questioning. Theile was asked a number of questions by victims’ counsel, his answer in almost all cases was simply “can’t recall” – it was obvious that he simply did not want to answer.

The presiding judge as well as the prosecution put up with this form of refusal until Theile’s questioning by victims’ counsel was completed. Then, however, they used their chance to make sure that perjury proceedings be started against Theile. The prosecution moved that the most unbelievable of Theile’s answers to various questions be recored verbatim. From the point of view of victims’ counsel, it is more than probable that Theile will be convicted – and given his previews convictions, it would be very surprising indeed if that conviction did not result in a prison term.