9 October 2014

More testimony on the murder weapon.

After the testimony of the Swiss police officer yesterday, the court today heard testimony from a Swiss prosecutor who had questioned Hans-Ulrich Müller and his acquaintance. His testimony too confirmed the evidence taken so far: Müller’s acquaintance confirmed that he had sold the papers for buying a gun to Müller for 400 Swiss francs, that Müller had told him that he was planning to sell the gun in Germany where it was hard for “certain people” to get their hands on guns, and that Müller had told him it was better for him if he did not ask any more questions. Müller denied everything, but his statements were contradictory.

Like yesterday, the defense Wohlleben tried everything to have the witness state that Müller’s acquaintance had been subjected to undue pressure. Like yesterday, the witness explained clearly that such pressure had not existed. The prosecutor had even arranged for a “confrontative questioning” with Müller and his acquaintance to allow the former to pose questions to the latter and thus to verify the latter’s testimony.

The situation therefore is still the same as in early July (see the reports of 1 July 2014 and 3 July 2014): the trial proceedings have not shown any reason to doubt that Wohlleben is guilty as charged.