13 November 2014

Once again on the Ceska murder weapon.

The further testimony of the ex-girlfriend of Hans-Ulrich Müller – who had according to the indictment brought the Ceska murder weapon from Switzerland to Thuringia – did not bring much new. It became clear, however, that Müller had been everything but honest with her – an impression that accords with his actions towards the police and the court. Müller has been summoned as a witness for next week, but has already stated that he will not appear – despite having been offered “safe passage” by the court. It is obvious that the accusations brought by Müller against his ex-girlfriend shortly after his testimony in Switzerland were only meant to distract from himself and his pal Enrico Theile and that Müller is unwilling to repeat those accusations under oath.

The parties then commented on recent evidence. Victims’ counsel again stressed that the testimony of the police officer yesterday showed two facts: first, that the police had not conducted the investigation against “B&H” Saxony seriously enough, and second, that the federal prosecution has still not entered into the case file minutes of several witness statements which the officer alluded to yesterday.