9 December 2014

Inter alia more on „Blood & Honour“ Saxony.

Today showed how laborious it can be to consider all the evidence in the NSU trial. The court spent all afternoon reading out reports on fingerprint identification. Of course, all this evidence needs to be formally introduced in the trial if it is to be considered in the judgment. And the content of today’s evidence was quite important.

In the morning, the court heard two detectives from the federal criminal police who had questioned Jan Werner, the head of “Blood & Honour” Saxony. During the interview, Werner had not made any statements concerning the investigation itself – but he had made some remarks during a cigarette break. He stated that everyone knew who had provided guns to the Nazi scene in the 1990s, after all it had later come out that that person had been a secret service informer. He himself had been under constant surveillance at that time. Werner also talked about his acquaintance with Andreas Graupner, another “B&H” Saxony member and member of the Nazi band “Noie Werte” – however, he claimed not to have had any recent contact with Graupner.

The next witness was a staff member of the office of the federal criminal prosecutor who had been present at the questioning of the Swiss witnesses by Swiss prosecutors concerning the Ceska murder weapon. She gave a brief report on the general conduct of the interview.
Finally, the court began considering the several pieces of evidence that had been found in the ruins of the house in the Frühlingsstraße in Zwickau. Today it read out several reports on fingerprint identification. Among others, police had found several documents originating with accused André Eminger, on which were found prints from Eminger and members of two of the “Three.” They had also found a collection of newspaper clippings concerning the NSU’s murders, on which were found Zschäpe’s finger prints – one more piece of evidence showing that Zschäpe was not as claimed by her defense a “housewife in the underground”, but rather actively involved in the NSU’s crimes.