17 December 2015

André Eminger supported and revered the NSU. And Wohlleben’s personal details in brief.

The trial day today was short and rather uneventful. A federal police detective detailed what documents had been used concerning accused Gerlach. The federal prosecutor’s office added that some of the documents, e.g. of the federal secret service, were still “on the way” to the court.

Another detective described a portrait of Böhnhardt and Mundlos, drawn in pencil or coal, with the slogan “Unforgotten” and a rune, found in Eminger’s apartment. The picture had been hung on the wall over some shelves, leading to an altar-like installation. When asked whether he was consented to these items being taken into evidence, Eminger had had a “serious outbreak”, accordingly the police had only taken pictures. This somewhat inane hero worship provides an insight into the relationship of accused Eminger, who still remains silent, to Böhnhardt and Mundlos. Mandy Struck had related that she had introduced Eminger, then 18, to Zschäpe, Mundlos and Böhnhardt in 1998, shortly after they had gone underground. According to the evidence so far, he had then supported them until the suicide of Mundlos and Böhnhardt. The witness related that Eminger was also occupied with drawings while in detention, which makes it seem likely that he himself had drawn the picture of his idols.

Another federal detective had conducted investigations concerning a bank account of accused Eminger, which had been used to pay for two train service customer cards used by the NSU. The only two people who had access to that account were André Eminger and his wife Susann. Susann Eminger is still being investigated, one of three (!) questions that the federal prosecutor asked accused Zschäpe is “what did Susann Eminger know about the crimes?”

Finally, the court asked accused Ralf Wohlleben about his personal details. The presiding judge conducted this questioning very quickly, it did not uncover any remarkable details. The court thus started the winter break already at 11 am.

The trial will continue on Tuesday, 12 January 2016.