Daily Archives: 7. July 2016

6 July 2016

Questions for accused Zschäpe.

Today the court first heard a federal criminal police detective who again testified on video recordings of TV broadcasts concerning the nail bomb attack in the Keupstraße in Cologne, recordings which had been made on the day of the attack. The result of her investigations is still that it was possible for these recordings to have been made in the Frühlingsstraße apartment – in which case they must have been made by Beate Zschäpe since Böhnhardt and Mundlos could not have made it back to Zwickau from Cologne in time to start the recordings. Of course, it is also possible that a supporter in Cologne or the surrounding area made these recordings.
The detective had also had another look at the videos with which the NSU claimed responsibility for its crimes and had found out that this video made use inter alia of a newspaper clipping on which Zschäpe’s fingerprints were found. Continue reading

5 July 2016

On jail cell talks of witness and former informer Tino Brandt

First (expert) witness today was a gun export with the federal criminal police who had reconstructed the serial number of the Ceska murder weapon, which had been scratched out.

Next up was a man who had had prison conversations with “Thuringia Home Guard” leader Tino Brandt after Brandt had appeared in court as a witness, and who had reported on these conversations to the court.

According to the witness, Brandt had told him that he had feigned an illness in order to avoid having to testify, and had made fun of the trial and the court – in fact, the trial days on 12 and 12 February 2014, when he had first been scheduled to testify, had been canceled due to Brandt’s alleged illness. Continue reading