31 August 2016

Further reading of documents

On today’s first trial day after the summer break, the court read out several documents concerning various aspects of the trial.

Victims’ counsel Hardy Langer made a motion for evidence concerning an attack by Neonazis from Jena in 1998/1999 which accused Schultze had reported on his statement in court (see the report of 21 July 2016). Langer provided an article from a local newspaper discussing this crime.

Zschäpe defense attorneys Heer, Stahl and Sturm once again commented on the questions by victims’ counsel they had objected to (see the reports of 1 August and 2 August 2016), dropping some objections and maintaining others – again without given any detailed reasoning.

The court rejected another motion for evidence by victims’ counsel showing that the domestic secret service must have known about the existence of a group called “NSU” already in 2002 (publication of a thank you-note in the zine “White Wolf”, see report of 13 July 2016), thus adhering to its strategy of refusing all attempts to clear up the facts.