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8 December 2016

Again, Beate Zschäpe does not have anything to do with anything. And: Defense tries to delay expert opinion on Zschäpe.

Today Zschäpe defense counsel Borchert read out the defense’s statement on the Peggy K. case and on images containing child and youth pornography found on a computer in the Frühlingsstraße apartment (see the report of 26 October 2016): Zschäpe had no information on Peggy K., the computer had been used by all three persons, and she did not know anything about these images – they had probably gotten there via a used hard disk purchased by Uwe Mundlos and built into the computer. This last statement above all is transparent nonsense – a sentiment shared even by assigned counsel Heer and Stahl, according to their facial expressions when listening to Borchert’s statement.

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