31. March 2017

Update – Next Tuesday canceled, Bauer and Saß to be heard in court

The trial date next Tuesday, 4 April. has been canceled to give the
court time to deal with the challenges for alleged bias brought on 30
March. The trial will continue on Wednesday, 5 April.

On 6 April, the court will hear psychiatrist Prof. Bauer – not as an
expert witness, but rather as a witness on what Zschäpe had told him in
their conversations (see the report of 30 March 2017). The court
will also hear expert witness Prof. Saß on what this means for his
expert opinion.

The court has also summoned Saß for the trial dates on 26 and 27 April –
i.e. those dates for which Zschäpe defense counsel Heer, Stahl and Sturm
are planning to present their own “counter expert witness”.