8 April 2014

First details concerning André Eminger

Today’s witness was a former girlfriend of André Eminger’s. From 1997 to 1999, she had been in a relationship with him, which she had ended when his right-wing opinions and lifestyle became too extreme for her and cramped her in living her own life. The witness grew up with a stepfather who blamed foreigners for all ills, gave anti-Semitic speeches and glorified the “Third Reich”. Against this background, she had apparent troubles owning up to the political opinions held by her first boyfriend (and to a certain extent by herself). Repeated questioning nonetheless revealed Eminger to be a young National Socialist already back then – Nazi Skinhead music and clothes, Nazi publications, Nazi concerts and demonstrations, xenophobic statements and talk of Germanic gods. Mandy Struck, who will continue her testimony on Thursday, and Max-Florian B. played an important role in his life.

Today, the witness claimed that shortly before the end of the relationship, Eminger had felt that the right wing scene might not be for him anymore. If this conversation, which she had not recalled in her statement to the police, did indeed take place, Eminger obviously did not continue to feel that way.

Together with her boyfriend Eminger, the witness had met “the Three” a few times for coffee in the apartment they used in Chemnitz. She had not been told their identities, only that they had been in hiding. In other words, supporters of Zschäpe, Mundlos and Böhnhardt could simply bring their girlfriends over for coffee – showing once again how many people in Chemnitz knew of their presence. Obviously the entire Nazi scene from Chemnitz was privy to their presence. How the domestic secret service and criminal police nonetheless managed not to find them is becoming harder and harder to understand.