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3 March 2016

More witnesses on the NSU’s brutal bank robberies.

Today the court heard further witnesses on the NSU’s bank robberies, this time concerning three robberies of credit unions in Chemnitz in the years 2004 and 2005. Their testimony again showed these crimes conforming to the by now well-known template, particularly as concerns the very brutal way in which Mundlos and Böhnhardt – by now armed with a pistol and a pumpgun – carried them out. In all cases, they threatened bank tellers by pointing their guns at them at very close distances, hit them on the head with their guns, destroyed bank interiors, in one case of them even showed a hand grenade and threatened to use it he was not given additional money.

Hardly surprising, therefore, that many of the bank tellers and customers are still suffering from visible psychological damage today – one customer reported that she had never set foot in another credit union since 2004, several tellers burst into tears in court as once-buried memories of the events resurfaced due their summons to appear and their questioning in court. Continue reading

2 March 2016

Challenge for bias rejected, robbery of a post office and even more reasons to get abolish the domestic secret service

The challenge brought by the Wohlleben defense against all judges for alleged bias was rejected – as was to be expected since it was simply based on a (likely willful) misunderstanding of the decision on which it was based. The court continued the trial – beginning, however, only at 1 p.m. and without giving any reasons for the delay.

It first heard two witnesses concerning an NSU robbery of a post office in Zwickau in July of 2011. This crime was quite similar to the other robberies– tellers threatened with guns, customers entering the office sprayed with pepper spray, a loot of roughly 75,000 marks, severe psychological consequences for the postal workers still noticeable during their testimony in court. Continue reading