21 April 2016

Potential gun merchants to the NSU refuse to testify.

After the sharp debates in court yesterday, the trial today was without significant developments. The two witnesses, twins and alleged former gang leaders in Thuringie, relied on the privilege against self-incrimination and refused to testify.

The court then heard several comments by parties on motions, followed by additional reports of secret service agencies, based on informer statements, on the accused and persons surrounding them.

The Wohlleben defense brought further motions for evidence, claiming that the Swiss gun dealer who had originally sold the Ceska murder weapon was involved in illegal gun deals.
At the end of the trial day, the presiding judge read out a decision denying motions by victims‘ counsel on informer „Corelli“ and the DVD entitled „NSU/NSDAP“.

The trial day next Wednesday was canceled, the trial will continue next Wednesday.