27 April 2016

Witness testimony concerning the Ceska murder weapon

Today the court heard a member of the federal prosecutor’s office who had been present during the questioning of a Swiss witness, the wife of the first buyer of the Ceska murder weapon, by Swiss authorities. The court is planning to read out the minutes of her testimony lateron.

Like her husband, the witness had refused to appear in Munich. In a letter to the court announcing her refusal, her husband had referred to himself as “the straw buyer from Switzerland”.

Her testimony did not reveal much of relevance; she stated that she did not remember much. Her husband had stated in his testimony that he had bought the Ceska for an acquaintance – who, according to the prosecutor’s investigations, then brought it to Thuringia.

At the end of the trial day, the court read out several documents, such as expert opinions, search warrants and police reports.