23 February 2016

On the bank robberies and on the Ceska murder weapon

The first witnesses today concerned the robbery of a credit union in Zwickau in October of 2006, mostly on the injuries suffered by the young man who had been shot. The surgeons who operated on him reported on his injuries, which led to internal bleeding and an injury to his spleen which resulted in its removal. It was only by chance that the projectile did not also injure the large intestine. Expert witness Dr. Peschel considered this injury to be potentially life-threatening, reporting that there is still a danger of complications arising from the loss of the spleen.

Finally, an expert witness from the federal criminal police reported that only two of the guns found with the NSU were threaded for a silencer – the Ceska pistol and a machine pistol. This once more confirms the results of the evidence so far, according to which the pistol provided by Wohlleben and Schultze was the Ceska murder weapon.